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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 15, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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panic on a popular beach. you kwop new developments as two teens are attacked by sharks. >> at the live desk as the woman caught in the man hunt has her first day in court. details are coming in. some showers coming through but storms later today. i'll have the timing coming up. >> and a bad way to start the week. we're here with what made a lot of metro riders late today. news 4 midday starts right now. we begin with the latest on
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the prison employee believed to have helped two convicted murders escape from prison. her former attorney told the judge he had a conflict of interest in the case and was relieved of his duties. they waived a preliminary felon hearing. she is a prison tailor instructor. investigators say she provided the inmates with tools to break out of the correctional facility. tin mates the inmates are still on the run. it's not clear when she'll be back in court. >> the mote rowetro is moving again. they were single tracking after reports of smoke in the tunnel. it was checked out. they said it was an arcing
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insulator. the delays lasted about an hour. storm team four radar showing a few scattered sprinkles coming through from the north and west. they're breaking up. getting a few sprinkles to the north and west. for the most part yx these are dissipating for now between now and this afternoon we'll likely stay dry until mid afternoon. right now the cloud cover over washington beginning to thin out a bit. we've had a few shafts of sunlights coming out but it is warm and humid. in the mid and upper 80s. fredericksburg at 91. >> leaders in d.c. are working to crack down on synthetic drugs. they're making an announcement about new plans. we are in northeast washington for us. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, they're saying that things have changed
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over the last ten years. if you look over my shoulder here you can see the mayor just arrived moments ago. the chief of police is here as well. this is a significant shift in the drug enforcement policy in d.c. that is being announced here. basically what we're being told is things have changed in the last ten years. the drugs are different. the channels for distribution are different, and so the mayor is saying that the rules, the laws need to be changed to keep up with what's happening. they're announcing a new strategy that targets drug suppliers instead of low level users. reduce the supply. they will also announce new legislation that will allow police to crack down on the sale of synthetic drugs. there was a mass overdose situation after 11 people got sick after taking a synthetic marijuana product that is
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illegal. they want more teeth for the police officers to crack down on this sort of thing. that's what the legislation is all about. >> we have under this legislation, emergency closure for a business putting the whole business down for 96 hours for review. on a second review it puts a business down for 30 days. it shouldn't be so that the penalty for selling synthetic marijuana that can cost somebody their life is just the cost of doing business. >> and there's been a sharp increase in the number of overdoses with synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs in district of columbia. there's concern many of the overdoses so unreported. we're expecting to hear about how they're going to make sure that the hospitals are talking with the health department and so they can take better track of how large the problem is and who's being affected. identify colleague here as well and bringing us the latest this
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evening. >> thank you. we're learning more information about two separate shark attacks in north carolina. investigators say sharks bit two teens in waste deep water in oak island. a hospital spokeswoman says both victims are in good condition. we now know a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy were attacked. they cannot confirm it was the same shark responsible. the beaches are still open. breaking news, a 15-year-old in custody accused of murdering two men. police say it started in a parking lot of a cookout yesterday morning. the suspect and a group of men got into a verbal argument with a group of men. investors say that escalated into a fight where throw of the victims were stabbed. two of the men later died of their injuries. the 15-year-old is being held at
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a juvenile detention center facing two counts of first degree murder. today a maryland man is expected in d.c. superior court following a fight on a metro train. the man is charged with felony assault being held without bond. this is cell phone video showing a man beating another man on a train. go to our app for more information. police say they still don't know the name of the person who was found floating in a private lake in fairfax county. two kayakers spotted the body infield, virginia yesterday morning. police they they're looking into missing persons reports and it's not clear how the person died she thought she was paying money but now one woman is paying up for trying to get around the hov rules.
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plus passengers stranded fo almost 24 hours. we're back in one minutes.
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here are today's stories trending right now. a lot of you saw jurassic world this weekend. you helped give it the highest grossing worldwide di bu of all time. it made about 5 -- $511 million. take a look at this. it might make you laugh. maybe try a different method next time you want to take the hov lane. a woman put a sweatshirt and man can on a sweatshirt. a officer said at least it's a sea hawk's fan. let's go with why the red skins
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are trending today. >> it's hard to believe that july is right around the corner. football is getting closer as well and the red skins have announced their full practice camp lineup which makes place next month. if you plan to head down, tweet it. you can go to our website or find out for details
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right now rural hospital funding are arriving at a walk from north carolina, the national rural health association is holding a rally at this hour. the team walked one mile for each of the 283 rural hospitals they say will close this year if congress doesn't act. the group says 700,000 rural
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pashlgts are at risk of losing access to timely care and the small local economies risk lost jobs and wages. united airlines says passengers will get their money back. a flight left but was diverted to canada. a maintenance issue caused the emergency landing. passengers spent the next 20 hours in military barracks and weren't allowed to get to their luggage. the flight crews stayed at a nearby hotel. passengers said no one from united reached out to explain that was happening. >> we froze through the night because there wasn't any heat. >> we were treated in an inhumane manner. dedid not know what was going on. >> united airlines says it will refund the passengers. the price of the tickets, traveler advocates said the airline could still face penalties for the handling of
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the incident. >> heat wave continues. this will be day five. we'll likely get above 90 this afternoon. right now storm team four radar showing a few lingering sprinkles north and west of the metro area and near came bridge. by 3:00 or 4:00, maybe a few showers and east of the metro area and after that, another line of showers coming through the valley with thunder and lightning. that treks east. by 6:00 p.m. a line of thundershowers, then that rolls through the metro area crossing the bay after that by 9:00 p.m. moving toward the eastern shore. >> happening right now, a sit in inside a local school. >> but it's not the students prp
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right now several teachers are staging a sit in at a high school in southeast washington. they are forcing dozens and teachers out of a job. we are live with a message from the teacher's union and the community zachary? >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned it's a teacher led sit in f. it's happening inside right now. security won't let us in. it's a new school this year. it's supposed to be a fresh start for this particular school but the school is still struggling. now the district is making staff
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changes. how they've gone about the changes as ruffled feathers. teachers are using a teachable moment to draw attention to the whole process. today at the sit in it's to draw attention, voice hurt and frustration to the process that has about 40 staff members looking for jobs. >> i think they could do a lot to improve. i think there are a lot of ways it could improve and i don't know that this is one of them. >> reporter: how to improve the outcomes of the students they serve isn't a one-size fits all model. union president, elizabeth davis. >> staff was informed they had to reapply for their jobs. even some of the highly effective teachers, asked to reapply. >> reporter: why isn't exactly clear. >> resources promised to the school during the first reconstitution never happened but now the teachers are being blamed. >> reporter: teachers say it takes more than good teachers but a village to raise a child.
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poverty is a problem in this community and parent support needs to improve. >> schools are responsible. just improving the school isn't going to change everyone. >> school is one of the most stable environments in our community. we need to make sure our staff members here are stable. >> reporter: when a similar reconstitution was done at a similar high school, they were advised a year in advance. here, it was three weeks. a call to the central office was not returned on time for this report. >> it seems like a black hole of a process. >> reporter: now excess teachers have an opportunity to reapply for their positions at district job fairs. the two teachers we talked to this n this piece are both leaving this year on their own as their own choice to pursue other opportunities. they were not removed as part of this process.
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reporting live here in south d.c., zachary kiesch. jeb bush announcing a 2016 presidential bid. mark, thanks for joining us. this is not a surprise but it seems he suffered a few setbacks. >> back in december he said he was exploring a bid and he's gone from that point in december, six months ago to really being the singular republican front runner to being somebody who's clinging onto front runner status. we have several more months until the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary but he's not the big dog. there are about four or five people at the top. >> there are so many candidates. >> correct. >> polls show that hillary clinton is not necessarily doing maybe as well as she might think. bernie sanders is gaining on her a little bit. what do you think of her chances? >> that was just one poll. when you look at the totality she's up 30 to 50 points over
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her competition including bernie sanders. she is in a very good position, a much stronger position than she was in 2007 there's always a story line. she's still ahead. when those are the outliers and it's that close, she has clear shot at the nomination. >> at this point can anyone catch her? >> not really. she is in the driver's seat. the big question for her is the general election. >> all right. thank you, mark. >> thank you. right now following a developing story along the gulf coast. emergency managers and people along the texas and louisiana coasts are preparing for severe weather. a tropical storm is brewing in the gulf of mexico. it could cause rain today and tomorrow. the area is saturated. warnings are up along beaches in texas. people in galveston saying they're getting ready.
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>> i'm going to the store and stocking up and getting a through things so i'm good through tuesday night and hope for the best. >> weather gets bad, i won't leave the house. >> the beach patrol is clearing the area and taking down towers and removing trash cans and barrels. nasty weather there. >> that tropical moisture may make its way our way but not until the weekend. right now the radar showing a few diminishing sprinkles north and west of the metro area. temperatures hovering in the mid 80s around the bay. over toward the central value, still in the 70s where the sprinkles vob cured over the last hour. the weather headlines for this monday a hot and humid day. a few afternoon storms and cooler weather moves in mid weak. a look at that and the storm chances over the next seven days coming up. >> one of the most important
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documents in history turns 800 today. what could it be? it's the magna carta. take a look. in england a parade of boats carrying the document down the river. it's considered the fundamental document that was the inspiration for the bill of rights. coming up a fiery disaster caught on camera.
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a pipeline exploded in texas. that's just southeast of san antonio. the explosion and fire forced several people out of their homes overnight. look at that. the pipeline belongs to emergency transfer partners. they shut off the section of natural gas to that pipeline. they allowed the fire to burn out. there are no reports of injuries. investigators now trying to determine what caused the break that sparked that fire. >> 21 people mostly children
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are recovering this morning from a tram ride that slipped over. crews called in a heavy duty tow truck to up right the tram after yesterday's accident. it overturned while going down a hill. it happened in clinton. we're told no one was seriously hurt. >> imagine turning onto your street and seeing this. take a look at that. massive water main break in west philadelphia turned a neighborhood street into a river. get this. 12.5 million gallons spilled out of that broken water main. cars became partially submerged. a sink hole also opened up. crews are working to pump out the water. >> it is going to cost you more to keep your home nice and cool this summer. we're going to tell you how to beat the heat and save some money too. we'll be back.
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welcome back. new today the archibishop of saint paul minnesota has resigned after being charged with failing to protect children from a priest convicted of molesting two boys. their say they failed to respond to inappropriate behavior. the archibishop posted a statement saying he resignedthe church cab new beginning. this morning the former ambassador is accused of six abuse. >> tonight we expect another update on the restoration of the capitol dome. the argument dekt of the an toll is expected to talk tonight at the capitol hill restoration society meeting. the dome is 150 years old but it hasn't had a complete restoration since starts at 7:00 p.m.
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still mostly cloudy. out looking toward the capitol. a few shafts of sunlight but that hasn't stopped the temperatures from warming. we're in the mid to upper 80s. hovering in the low 90s between 3:00 and 5:00, that's when we may get thundershowers coming through and overnight tonight, they will be dissipating. by dawn tomorrow the upper 70s. the four-day forecast tomorrow low 90s and a greater chance of afternoon and evening stormings. some of these severe tomorrow and then lower humidity. beautiful day on wednesday. highs 80s. thursday, friday and saturday but chances of afternoon storms. highs near 90 by sunday. >> it is hot. that means you're probably running your ac in your home. >> high. >> extra high. u.s. emergency information administration says your bill will likely go up 5% this summer. >> there were reports with tips on how to save your bill without
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sacrificing comfort. keep the shades drawn during the hottest part of your day. use your microwave to cook instead of your oven and if you have a programmable thermostat, take advantage of it. >> we grilled yesterday. that's helpful. >> crosseninging one busy bridge is about to get cheeper
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a developing story right ccused of helping two killers escape from a maximum security prison in upstate new york left court about an hour ago. >> she waived her right to a prelame nar hearing. prosecutors say she snuck tools into the prison and planned to go on the run with the man. she got cold feet at the last minute. she faces up to eight years in prison for her role. she's pleading not guilty. >> at the live desk here right now the mayor is announcing a new drug enforcement strategy for the district. here's a live look at the press conference. she talked about the new law that would allow the police department to shut down businesses selling dangerous drugs. >> we will use these new sophisticated techniques to
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counter the marketing and distribution of drugs in our city. >> she also introduced new legislation which would give the police department the authority to crack down on synthetic drugs. the mayor says over the past ten years there has been a significant shift in drug crimes in the district. she's hoping the latest changes will bring about a positive change. >> we are working to find out how a man died after firefighters pulled him in a motel pool in prince george's county. this happened last night in camp springs. medics performed cpr on the man to the hospital. he did not survive. firefighters say it is odd to get a possible drowning call and find the victim still in the water when fire crews arrive. the naacp is announcing a march to chip away at voting rights. it's a journey.
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last people spoke on the steps of the lincoln memorial. the woman at the center of a bizarre racial controversy is facing another battle. it comes as her parents are speaking out yet again. she faces a media uprare after her family exposed her for pretending she's black. she cancel today's meeting due to the need to continue discussing with regional and national leaders. the parents say they hope their daughter gets help -- >> she knows we were not abusive parents. people who know us also know that and before rachel tried to change her identity she always was very proud of us as her parents, wanted to introduce us to her friends so it's a dramatic change. >> the parents say they are ready to forgive her. another naacp executive has
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questioned whether she has grounds to protest tonight's meetings. >> we've had some light sprinkles over the last hour but they are pretty much all done and dissipating. maybe one around in western howard county where it's just in the mid to upper seftds. in the metro area, mid 80s. it's 9 1 in fredericks berg. shenandoah valley, and winchester at 81. for the rest of the afternoon, the metro area, by 1:00 in the upper 80s near 90 and a few breaks in the clouds and then the few storms between 4:00 and 7:00. after 7:00, most of the storms ending and dropping down to the 80s after we reach low 90s by mid to late afternoon. >> thank you, tom. it's day ten of the mass i have man hunt to find new york prison
11:34 am
escapees escapees. police say they could show up to anyone's doorstep. we have more now on what you should do if an attacker shows up at your home. >> reporter: the escaped inmates are probably on foot, no get away car but with police searching the woods and every road inbetween, officials fear they'll try to steel someone's wheels. >> carjackings happen fast and they're often violent. in fact escaped inmates have done it in the past from detroit to virginia. preying on innocent drivers to get away. >> there are things you can do to prevent an attack. >> this is a self-defense expert with 15 years experience. today he's playing the attacker. showing me how to get away alive. he says you need to be ready the moment the criminal approaches. like this. >> out of the car. >> reporter: hit the horn. hit the gas.
11:35 am
get out of there as fasz you can. that's the number one tip. >> here's another tip. if you can't drive away, then you need to run away. they pull you out, you get away. >> most carjackers not want you, just the car. >> most carjackers want the car but they may want all your resources car, money, clothes home to hide out. if you can't run. get over. you do whatever you have to do to crawl out the other door. do not let them take you with them. if you find a gun in your face. i would do whatever they say. >> if you allow them to take you, the likelihood of you getting killed goes up. >> reporter: perhaps even more scary, the inmates breaking into your home as you sleep holding your family hostage.
11:36 am
as they try to hide. >> some of the invaders caught on surveillance video kicking in doors. and getting violent. even attacking victims in their own bed. how can you get your family out alive? >> wallace designs was a detective and 22-year hostage negotiator. i hear a noise what do i do? >> a lot of people don't have alarms alarms. take your car keys and leave them on your night table. you hear a noise hit the red button. it's a built in automatic alarm. >> and he says there's something you'll need in your bedroom. >> buy bug spray. it's more powerful than police mace. if you spray it it will go far. >> you can be standing at the corner of your room and if
11:37 am
somebody gets in, spray them. >> they are temporarily blind. >> before you do it check your state andre's another tip. sleep with all youredroom doors opens. you want your kids to hear what's going on. then you go to them. >> the key is to get the family together all in one place and get out. >> exactly. as quickly as you can. >> starting next month, you'll save $1 while crossing a bridge over the potomac river. the round trip price will drop 1 dr to 4 $.50. this is part of a plan to lower statewide tolls that could save drivers over the next five years. >> your pharmacy may be changing hands and a middle eastern government starts its own dating site.
11:38 am
the thrilling season finale
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to game of thrones. the show took top trending spots on facebook and twitter. we won't reveal what happened but we will say you should avoid facebook and twitter today. there are going to be a lot of spoilers and maybe the water cooler too. everyone is talking about it. to the middle east now. iron's constitution says the government has to encourage major. the country started this online dating service to match up some 11 million some single people there. this is iran's first online dating site. they have a board of mediators setting up matches on the other side of the screen. and in china four siblings between the age of 5 and 13 years old. the post says their parents abandoned them and the children drank pesticide. it has called attention to a widespread children of parents
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target is selling its pharmacy to cvs pharmacies. pharmacies will be rebranded as part of the deal. 80 clinic locations will be rebranded as minute clinics. the deal is closing and the deal is worth $1.9 billion. day number five of this heat wave. tracking the chance of storms. are we ever going to get a cool down? >> we are. today's weather the way to stay cool, get to the pool. and at least between now and between 2:00 or 3:00. after that probably some thundershowers coming through. right now near 90 in la ray. look at fredericksburg. just jumped up to 94. in the metro in the mid to upper
11:42 am
80s. north and west in the 70s. the metro area for the afternoon, low 90s. afternoon and evening thunderstorms are possible. tomorrow afternoon storms could be severe with damaging winds, heavy rain, and maybe even some hail during the afternoon on tuesday. then that break is coming wednesday, lower humidity, highs in the mid 80s. >> all right. thanks. heads up. there is a maryland blue crab shortage. this is not good news if you love crab. we stopped by the wharf in southwest d.c. the stock of maryland blue crab is down. restaurants are shipping in crabs from out of state that's causing the prices to go up. lowest ever recorded in maryland. >> right now a developing story. a toddler pulled from a local pool. new details nex
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right now on news 4 midday, following all the big stories for you. storm team force tracking a fifth day of a summer heat wave. >> and learning about a drowning involving a toddler. first new developments on a terrifying shark attack. we have more from north carolina. >> reporter: local officials are still searching for that vicious shark or sharks. they don't know at this point. they tell us a helicopter and boats are patrolling the
11:46 am
shoreline all day. authorities are trying to calm people's fears but at this point nobody is getting in the water. we're learning more about the attacks. officials say they came without warning in waist deep water. >> it was like a scene from jaws. all the sudden people are saying get out of the water. then you see somebody wading into the shallow water carrying this poor girl. >> reporter: a 12 girl lost part of her arm. less than an hour later a 16-year-old boy was attacked. both were air lifted toer a hospitals and are in stable conditions. they say not to swim after heavy rains and pay attention to fish patterns. and avoid sharp drafoffs. >> there's no way we're going to stop people from going in the water. if they want to go in the water,
11:47 am
they're going to. we can advise people to be alert. >> both victims probably would have died if it wasn't for first responders on the beach able to react so fast to stop the bleeding. >> at the live desk a two-year-old boy is fighting for his life after he was found unresponsive at the bottom of a pool. it happened last night at a water park. investors say the toddler was spotted after the pool was being cleared because of lightning in the area. first responders arrived on scene and immediately started chest compressions and cpr. the child is being treated at the hospital. developing in kentucky, we're hoping to learn more about a deadly police shotting. a white officer shot a black man in louisville kentucky saturday. you can see the man charging the officer with a flag.
11:48 am
demonstrators say the officer should have tried a nonlethal way of stopping the man. today many people are cleaning up in detroit. drivers left their cars as the rain flooded the streets. the storm stopped the nascar race and the detroit tigers game over the weekend. >> right now kwiekt of cloudiness. a live view from the tower camera looking to the west. there are a few thin spots in the cloud cover but that's not stopping the temperatures from warming. in the mid to upper 80s. only at low 90s by the afternoon and then passing thundershowers between around 6:00 p.m. through 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. before then, perhaps north and west, a passing thundershower likely not severe. tomorrow the afternoon storms could be severe with a possibility of some damaging winds and maybe even hail and torrential rain.
11:49 am
another hot and humid day. cooler weather on wednesday. highs in the 80s after that. a little more humid with a chance of afternoon storms saturday. >> the los angeles dodgers are playing in texas today. they made it after a flight scare. a plane carrying the team had to make an emergency landing at lax. there was a mechanical issue on board. it landed safely and everyone transferred to a different flight. >> right now jeb bush is just hours away from joining the race to the white house. he's considered one of the front runners but his lead isn't huge. we report on the strategy to stay ahead. >> reporter: former governor jeb bush hopes the announcement will launch his name to the top of the list as the potential republican presidential nominee. he has to beat ten others who have officially announced. >> i'm not going to change who i am. >> reporter: they released this add to jump start his
11:50 am
announcement. >> this is what leadership is about. >> reporter: the buzz about bush officially running for president has the republican establishment talking. >> jeb bush was a great governor who did a great job. was the education governor that people looked to. he's a strong contender in this. >> reporter: meanwhile hillary clinton reintroduced herself to voters in iowa. she hopes voters forget her third place finnish that state in 2008. >> i'm running for president to make our economy work for you and for every american. >> reporter: but monday will be jeb bush's day and he hope it's one republican voters remember at the polls. the bush campaign is banding itself with jeb. nbc news. it is like something out of a movie. we'll back with the wild animal search caused by an act of nature.
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11:52 am
getting a bit more personal. the sweetish retailer plans to make about 1,000 house calls. employees will shop for an up close look at how they spend their time requesting questions like where they prepare their food. ikea says it's to learn what customers need. that's the business report. i'm landon dowdy. i need someone to come over for me. >> come over. if you can't wait for football season, we know when you can check out the red skins in richmond. we just hope for a better season. >> training camp starts july 30th. gates open 9:30 most days. you can see august a joint practice on august 6th, 7th and 8th. >> and animals downtown in the country of georgia. the animals escaped during a
11:53 am
flood. 13 people have died. sam animals are still on the loose. the list of music a listers is getting longer this morning.
11:54 am
just in the former nfl star has pleaded guilty in the fourth and final rain case against him. former new orleans saints player struck a plea deal within the past hour. he'll serve nine years in prison for charges in four states. he grew up in richmond and played at william and mary before joining the nfl. he's been kicked out of the william and mary hall of fame. last month he was also kicked out of his high school hall of fame. we're learning the names at a free concert.
11:55 am
it's going to be exciting. and then as you know, we told you barry manilow is the headliner. the event features a tribute to frank si naught ra. there's nothing like fire works in the mall. >> out west there is a special program for veterans. it tacks them back up in the air air. the program is called ageless aviation. it gives them a ride in a plane that many of them flew in in world war the ii. >> it brings back memories. i'm 94 and active, so this is great for me. >> how cool is that in each flight lasts about 20 minutes. lots of stories being told. >> 94? i couldn't do that now.
11:56 am
awesome. let's check in one more time with the weather. another heat wave and possible storms? >> this is day five of the heat wave and storms likely moving in later this morning. between 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., a few coming through briefly. 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., those may be stronger in the eastern store and by then, they're gone by 11:00 tonight. and after the low 90s this afternoon before the storms we'll drop into the 70s tomorrow morning. low 90s with quite a bit of humidity tomorrow. >> thank you. that does it for news 4 midday. we'll be back this afternoon.
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(gong) blend kikkoman into your burger patties to beef up their savoury meaty flavour. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat) >> theresa: you know, i think that both of us committing
12:00 pm
to staying here in salem for a year is a good thing. we could get to know each other in a whole new way and it could be a new beginning for us. >> brady: oh, that's exactly what it's gonna be but not in the way that you think. >> theresa: what does that mean? >> brady: it means that i've been putting up with your lies and your interference in my life for way too long. but now, hey, it's all gonna change. >> theresa: you know what, brady, if this is your idea of co-parenting, you didn't read the same article that i did. >> brady: it's over, theresa. we're done. >> theresa: what? >> brady: you're done. >> theresa: just because you got me to sign some piece of paper that says i'm not gonna leave salem for a year? you know, there's still custody and visitation and child support to work out, brady, and if you think that my lawyer is gonna let you walk all over me, you-- >> brady: stop! i'm gonna be completely reasonable. i'm gonna be reasonable when it comes to tate.